Welcome to Temec Technologies B.V.

Since 1998, the team of Temec Technologies B.V. provides tailored high tech solutions for (medical) physiological data recording and analysis products. Our culture is devoted to quality in every aspect of the organization. Thats why we were choosen by NASA to provide our ambulatory recorder systems to perform sleep studies on astronauts during space shuttle flights, while orbiting earth.
Products developed for sale in Europe or the U.S.A. are designed to meet all the necessary regulatory requirements.


Development and service

Temec Technologies developes medical equipment for non-invasive measuring of physiological signals in both humans and animals. We are specialized in ambulatory recordings which provide the best freedom of movement and optimal comfort for the subject under study.


Designing your idea

We distinct ourselves by investigating our clients measurement problems in detail, and then delivering the optimal solution. If you are interested to talk with us about your medical (recording) product problem, you are welcome to contact us.


Clinical as well as Research

Our products are used by medical professionals, universities and research institutes like Harvard Medical School and NASA, who choose Temec as a partner to provide sleep recording equipment for sleep studies during two Spaceshuttle missions: STS-90 and STS-95.